Frequently Asked Questions

Student volunteer being interviewed with "FAQ" over the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can volunteer? Any student, staff or faculty of the University of Kansas. All volunteers MUST be affiliated with the university due to our liability clauses.
  • To sign up, we need one person to be the main contact. They will receive all of the information about the volunteer meeting and registration on the day of the event. The best way for a floor or group to sign up is to have everyone who wants to participate put their names and emails in an excel spreadsheet and then have the RA/group leader fill out the online form on our website.
  • What if my floor/group already registered and I wasn’t on the list? Just fill out the online registration form by yourself noting which floor/group you want to join.
  • Can I register without a group? Yes! Individuals can register without joining a floor/group and they will be paired with others who registered as an individual. Lots of people register that way.
  • Can I just show up on the day of the event? No, we need for you to sign up to be paired with a job site and receive all of the necessary liability information. That requires signing up beforehand.
  • What kind of jobs will I be doing? We can do anything that doesn’t involve power tools. The volunteers are scheduled to be at their job sites for four hours so whatever can be done in that time.
  • Will The Big Event count for my community service? We are happy to sign any forms, but you need to check that this will count.
  • If you miss the deadline, give us a call! 785-864-7469.

Job Sites

  • Is The Big Event need-based? No, anyone is welcome to sign up as a job site. Homes, agencies, parks, etc.
  • Do you help in Topeka or Eudora? No, our liability clauses will not allow us to go outside of Lawrence City limits.
  • What kinds of jobs can the volunteers do? We can do anything that doesn’t involve power tools. The volunteers are scheduled to be there for four hours so whatever they can get done in that time.
  • I submitted a form and haven’t heard back. We are working through the list of job sites submissions but are a bit behind. If it was over a week ago, please email or call 785-864-7469 and they can let you know who will be contacting you.
  • If I rent my space, can I still have work done? Yes, but you are liable for talking to the owner.
  • I don’t have Internet, how do I sign up? Give us a call! 785-864-7469
  • I’m a homeowner but won’t be home during The Big Event. Can I still have volunteers come to my house? You or someone you know MUST be there WHEN THE VOLUNTEERS ARRIVE at 10. If no one is present the volunteers will be instructed to help with another site.