The Big Event Structure

Executive Director: The Executive Director manages The Big Event executive team and acts as the official spokesperson and representative for The Big Event to the university community. Responsibilities include running all Big Event executive team meetings; training and advising The Big Event’s directors of community relations, campus relations, and development; maintaining office hours; preparing an end-of-year evaluation of The Big Event; and managing The Big Event budget.

Community Relations: Allocation of job site checks, tool ordering, tool distribution, tool inventory, meeting minutes

  • Director of Community Relations
  • Community Outreach Coordinators (3 leaders)

Campus Relations: Marketing, on-campus communications/relations, department meetings, staff and faculty recruitment, KU Housing

  • Director of Campus Relations
  • Volunteer Recruitment Coordinators (3 leaders)

Development & Logistics: Communication with alumni, fundraising, in-kind donations, percentage nights

  • Director of Development
  • Event Logistics Coordinators (3 leaders)

Marketing: On-campus fliering, social media, etc.

  • Director of Marketing
  • Graphic designer

Internal Development Coordinator: Committee Member recruiting, appreciation, and retention

Database Management Coordinator:  web maintenance, work with campus and community team with database management


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