About The Big Event at KU

The eighth annual event is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018. If you have further questions, please scroll down to contact one of our student leaders.

The Big Event connects the KU campus with the Lawrence community by recruiting thousands of student, faculty, and staff volunteers to work at hundreds of local job sites during one day of service. Big Event volunteers provide a helping hand to Lawrence residents by completing projects in their neighborhoods.


Executive Director
Tammy Stauffer
The executive director manages The Big Event board, and is the official spokesperson of The Big Event to the university community.

Director of Community Relations
Connor Dougan
The Director of Community Relations works with the outreach committee.

Director of Campus Relations
Jaret Rangel
The Director of Campus Relations works with recruitment committee, and with The Big Event’s marketing coordinators.

Director of Development
Megan Doolittle
The director of development is in charge of fundraising for The Big Event and works with the event logistics committee.

Director of Marketing
Vanessa Gonzales
The director of marketing handles all advertising for The Big Event. The marketing coordinator also manages The Big Event’s online presence on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Community Outreach Coordinator:
Sarah Bromley
The outreach committee coordinates all community job requests to be completed during The Big Event.

Volunteer Recruitment Coordinators
Alysia Larson, Kira Stahly & Josh Wu
The Big Event recruitment committee seeks KU students, faculty, and staff to volunteer on the day of The Big Event.

Event Logistics Coordinator:
Torie Mansfield
The programs committee coordinates all day-of details for The Big Event.


16 Comments on “About The Big Event at KU

    • Hi Cynthia! Our next event will be April 16. You can sign up now via the “Register to be a Job Site” link at the top of the site.

  1. I would like to join the big event to help residents to do something.
    If you need any help, plz no hesitate to contact me.

    • Hi Joey! Thank you for your interest. Our volunteer sign-up form will be going live this month, stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter for more information about how to get involved!

    • Hi Kay! Our volunteers work from 10am to 2pm. We do our best to send enough volunteers so that they are able to complete the work within that time frame.

    • Hi Isaac! The deadline to sign up volunteers is April 2. Thank you for getting involved!

  2. I have had KU students help with yard work the last 2 years(well not last year as it had to be canceled). As a senior citizen I have really appreciated the students work. I wonder if I will be contacted again.

    • Hi Rachel! Volunteers will be volunteering from 10am to 2pm.

  3. Am I too late to get signed up to have volunteers help me this year?

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